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Vallejo Game Color 17ml Camouflage Green
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Product: Game Color Camouflage Green
SKU: VAL 72031
In stock 0
Manufacturer Acrylicos Vallejo
Package 17ml bottle x 1
Barcode 8429551720311
Restocked Spain
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Game Color Camouflage Green

ITEM IS REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PRODUCT NAME. Game Color are presented in a 17 ml. bottle with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container.

Game Color is a special selection of waterbased acrylic colours for players and collectors of Miniatures Games (Fantasy Games or other War Games). This compact range has been especially developed to contain all the frequently used colours in fantasy figures, in a formula particulary designed for adherence on plastics and metals, using a new resin of unequalled durability and resistance to scrapes and abrasion. Colours brush on easily and smoothly, and dry to an opaque, matte finish. Their finely ground texture makes them perfect for the most miniature details as well as for large surfaces.

They are highly pigmented, light fast and waterproof once dry, and are packaged in a spillproof plastic 17 ml. bottle with eyedropper. All colours can be mixed with one another and diluted with water. Errors can be corrected inmediately with water or a small amoun of alcohol.


Frequently Asked Questions about Model Paints PDF (See sample below)

Q: What is the difference between Model Color, Game Color and Model Air?

A: Vallejo offers three different chemical formulas in these colors lines, each one created for a particular segment of the hobby market. Model Color and Panzer Aces are creamy, highly opaque paints formulated principally for brush application, the ranges total some 246 colors, 14 Mediums, and 8 spectacular alcohol based metallic colors.

For the tabletop gamers, there are 105 colors, washes and inks in the Game Color Line, colors with less viscosity but which provide opaque coverage without loss of minute detail. The 98 Model Air colors are formulated especially for
airbrushing, although they are also frequently used for painting very small details with a brush. In addition there are 8 Washes and 6 Mediums and Varnishes which are identical in all ranges.

Q: What is the difference between Vallejo Model Color and Vallejo Game Color?

A: Game Color was designed for painting War-game miniatures, and the size of these figures and their minute details demanded a more fluid consistency; the viscosity of the 79 colors of the basic range of Game Color is 1500-4000 centipoises as opposed to the Model Color viscosity of 4000 6500 centipoises. The 8 Washes and 10 Inks have even less viscosity, they are very fluid.


Some of the product support materials provided by Vallejo

Vallejo Panzer Aces Color Chart PDF

Vallejo Panzer Aces Color Range PDF

Vallejo Equivalent Values Chart PDF (3rd Revised Edition)

Vallejo Model Color Color Range PDF

  • Matt Colors
  • Metallic Colors
  • Transparent Colors
  • Mediums and Varnishes
  • Fluorescent Colors
  • Liquid Gold

Model Air Color Range PDF

Game Color Range PDF

  • Opaque Colors
  • Game Color Inks
  • Wash
  • Extra Opaque Colors
  • Mediums & Varnishes

Pigment Color Range PDF

Check out the Vallejo website for additional product details and support materials


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