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Manufacturer Guidelines

This page is dedicated to providing New and Existing Manufacturers directions for product submission. It is important to note that these procedures are being implemented in an effort to provide you and our customers with the highest level of support and communication. Products without proper descriptions leave the client unsure as to what he should expect. Products without pictures mean the client is less likely to invest in an item. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime. ~ Liana

We are working on these quidelines with other distributors in an effort to have a consistant recommendation for what we would like to see. Contact information for those distributors will be listed at the bottom of this page.

These instructions are broken into two sections. The first will be for existing manufacturer who wish to submit new products and the second is for new manufacturers who would like us to commit to stocking their products.

General Guidelines

Manufacturer Website: Each Manufacturer should have a website where retailers and end users can go to find out more information about your products.

Distributor Contact Page: Manufacturers should have a page on their website that lists all of the Distributors that carry your products and who at your company to contact if a distributor would like to carry your products. Partners who do not wish to promote our partnership will not be fully stocked or have their current stock reduced.

Retail Locator: Manufacturers should have a page on their website that lists all of the Retailers that carry your products, a link to the Distributor Page for the Distributors that carry your products and who at your company to contact if a retailer would like to order your products directly from you (if you sell direct to them).

Facebook Page: Do you have a Facebook Page highlighting your products? Do you update it regularly?

Twitter: Do you have a Twitter account for your company? Do you interact with people who ask you questions or do you just push out promotional information?


Section 1: Existing Manufacturers

Privateer Press provides an nice example of how a solicitation should look. An ideal solicitation includes two parts, a spreadsheet with the product information summarized for all the releases and a second file with long descriptions for each product that is coming. The images for the products are provided as attachments or via a download link at a single FTP location.

A PDF sell-sheet is nice to provide for us to supply to our customers, but is difficult for a distributor to pull the necessary information for our systems from these documents. The graphics do not translate well to our systems and we often have to re-type the SKU, Product Name and Pricing, leading to many more chances for error. When the information is provided in a spreadsheet, the transfer of the information to our systems can be achieved much more efficiently - meaning less errors and that your parts get into our systems faster.

Examples 1 and 2


Section 2: New Manufacturers

New Manufacturers will need to create a file that contains all the below data. This will allow us to set your account and products up correctly.

E-Figures.com Distribution New Vendor Information File

The below information will be used to set up your account and create an introduction to our retailers.

Company Name:

(How you want your company name listed)

Contact Name:

(Who do we contact for placing orders and with questions)


(your company address)


(the phone number we contact you at)


(email you want orders to be sent to)


(website you want us to share with the retailers)

Payment Details:

(how you wish to be paid)

PayPal Account:

(Required for most International manufacturers)


(if you have forums)

Country of Origin:

(what country is your product produced in)

Distribution Discount:

(what our distribution discount will be)

Distribution Restrictions:

(what countries may we distributor your goods in, or which ones we can't)

Price Enforcement:

(do you wish us to enforce a minimum resale price)

Distribution Level:

(order minimum to maintain distribution)

Shipping Level:

(order minimum to receive free shipping)

The information in this page will be used to set your business up in our system. Without it we cannot move forward.

Description of Product Fields

Product Code / SKU:

Item Code used by retailer to distinguish individual items within a retailer's accounting, warehousing, and point-of-sale systems.

Product Name:

Name of Item or Package as you wish it to be listed

Product MSRP/RRP:

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, what you wish the retailer to sell your product at.

Product Image:

All products require an image in .jpg format that uses the product code for the name (EFC1001.jpg)

Product Material:

What material is used to make the product, White Metal, Resin, Plastic. This is important for importing and exporting of products.

Product UPC Code:

Barcode used to scan products in and out of a POS system.

Product Weight:

Used to estimate shipping and freight cost.

Product Description:

All products require a product description which provides detailed information on the product and contents. What you want the Retailer and the players to know about your product. (sample: 28mm Sci Fi Miniature, includes 1 plastic 25mm base, 2 heads, 4 arms and 2 bodies. Sculpted by: Tom Hanks)

Below is a sample excel layout that covers all aspects of providing your products to our retailers. The more details and information the better. We no longer will retrieve data from manufacturer websites or bring in new products without images and descriptions. Providing the below information is the only way to ensure your products are listed correctly.

Product Code

Product Name

E-Figures Distributor Discount

Retailer MSRP or RRP

E-Figures Distributor Cost

Order Qty.

Order Value

Image Name



Product UPC Code

Product Weight

EFC 1001

Sample Item







See Above Example



1lb 7oz

SKU Guidelines: If you have not assigned your SKUs as of yet, we recommend three letters representing your company followed by numbers, representing the products.

Image Files: These are most easily placed in a single location such as a Dropbox, or put into a zip file. We will not be going to your website to hunt for each individual image. These should be named with the SKU in the image name so that we make sure to get the correct image with each product.

Descriptions: Each product should have a description that details what comes with the product. Details should include how many miniatures are in the set and if it comes in a box or blister along with any flavor text.


Distributors Involved

We have worked on these guidelines with the following Distributors. If you have questions, you can contact anyone at any of the following:

E-Figures Distribution
Liana Loos-Austin
Toll Free 877-387-0341
Request E-figures New Vendor Submission File

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