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Malifaux Base Inserts Sewer 50mm - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 0009

Kings of Artifice - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 11101

Showdown Icons - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 11201

The World Needs A Jetpack Unicorn

SKU :WYR 11301

Malifaux Second Editon RULEBOOK

SKU :WYR 20001

Malifaux M2E Rules Manual HANDBOOK

SKU :WYR 20009

Malifaux Game Accessories Schemes and Strategies Deck

SKU :WYR 20010

Malifaux Game Accessories Arcane Fate Deck

SKU :WYR 20011

Malifaux Game Accessories Black Arcane Fate Deck

SKU :WYR 20012

Malifaux 2nd Edition Crossroads

SKU :WYR 20013

Malifaux Arsenal BOX Guild Wave 2 - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20014

Malifaux Arsenal BOX Resurrectionists Wave 2 - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20015

Malifaux Arsenal BOX Neverborn Wave 2

SKU :WYR 20017

Malifaux Arsenal BOX Outcast Wave 2 - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20018

Malifaux Arsenal BOX Ten Thunders Wave 2 - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20020

Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Malifaux 2nd Edition - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20028

Malifaux Generalist Upgrade Deck - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20029

Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Campaign Deck - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20030

Malifaux Game Accessories Bad Ink (Fate Deck)

SKU :WYR 20033

Malifaux Iconic Fate Deck ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 20034

Malifaux Fate Deck, Classic

SKU :WYR 20035

Malifaux Fate Deck, Twisted

SKU :WYR 20036

Malifaux M2E Ripples of Fate BOOK

SKU :WYR 20038

Malifaux Broken Promises Upgrade Deck - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20039

Malifaux Broken Promises RULEBOOK

SKU :WYR 20040

Malifaux Guild The Guild's Judgement (Lady Justice) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20101

Malifaux Guild The Torch and the Blade (Sonnia Crew) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20102

Malifaux Guild The Latigo Posse (Perdita) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20103

Malifaux Guild Death Marshalls (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20104

Malifaux Guild Bound by Law (Lucius) BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20108

Malifaux Guild Austringer - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20111

Malifaux Guild/Ten Thunders Relic Hunters (Lucas McCabe) PLASTIC BOX (7)

SKU :WYR 20115

Malifaux Guild Riflemen (3)

SKU :WYR 20116

Malifaux Guild/Ten Thunders Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps (5)

SKU :WYR 20117

Malifaux Guild Ryle

SKU :WYR 20119

Malifaux Guild Pale Rider

SKU :WYR 20120

Malifaux Guild Brutal Effigy

SKU :WYR 20122

Malifaux Guild Hound

SKU :WYR 20123

Malifaux Guild Wardens

SKU :WYR 20124

Malifaux Guild: Sergeant

SKU :WYR 20125

Malifaux Guild Brutal Emissary

SKU :WYR 20131

Malifaux Guild Field Reporters - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20133

Malifaux Guild Death Marshal Recruiter

SKU :WYR 20134

Malifaux Guild Allison Dade

SKU :WYR 20136

Malifaux Guild Thalarian Queller - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20137

Malifaux Guild Jury

SKU :WYR 20138

Malifaux Resurrectionists Shadows of Redchapel (Seamus) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20201

Malifaux Resurrectionists Body of Evidence (McMourning Crew) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20203

Malifaux Resurrectionists Rotten Belles (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20204

Malifaux Resurrectionists Punk Zombies (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20205

Malifaux Resurrectionists Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20206

Malifaux Resurrectionists Take Back the Night (Molly)

SKU :WYR 20207

Malifaux Resurrectionists Nurses PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20208

Malifaux Resurrectionists Mindless Zombie

SKU :WYR 20213

Malifaux Resurrectionists Flesh Construct (w/ Victim) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20214

Malifaux Resurrectionists Necropunks (3 Pack) - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20215

Malifaux Resurrectionists The Hanged (2)

SKU :WYR 20216

Malifaux Resurrectionists/Ten Thunders Toshiro (1)

SKU :WYR 20218

Malifaux Resurrectionists/Ten Thunders Izamu (1)

SKU :WYR 20219

Malifaux Resurrectionists/Ten Thunders Yin (1)

SKU :WYR 20220

Malifaux Resurrectionists Rogue Necromancy

SKU :WYR 20222

Malifaux Resurrectionists Dead Rider

SKU :WYR 20224

Malifaux Resurrectionists Carrion Effigy

SKU :WYR 20225

Malifaux Resurrectionists Gaki

SKU :WYR 20226

Malifaux Resurrectionists Guild Autopsies - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20234

Malifaux Resurrectionists Anna Lovelace

SKU :WYR 20235

Malifaux Resurrectionists The Forgotten Marshal

SKU :WYR 20236

Malifaux Resurrectionists Hayreddin

SKU :WYR 20237

Malifaux Resurrectionists Carrion Emissary

SKU :WYR 20238

Malifaux Resurrectionists The Mercy of Death - Reva

SKU :WYR 20239

Malifaux Resurrectionists Goryo

SKU :WYR 20242

Malifaux Resurrectionists Archie

SKU :WYR 20243

Malifaux Resurrectionists Asura Roten - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20245

Malifaux Resurrectionists Bone Pile - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20246

Malifaux Arcanists The M&SU (Ramos Crew) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20301

Malifaux Arcanists Claw and Fang (Marcus Crew) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20302

Malifaux Arcanists Children of December (Rasputina) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20303

Malifaux Arcanists Rail Golem PLASTIC BOX M2E

SKU :WYR 20304

Malifaux Arcanists Burning Revelation (Kaeris Crew)

SKU :WYR 20308

Malifaux Arcanists Essence of Power

SKU :WYR 20310

Malifaux Arcanists December Acolyte (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20311

Malifaux Arcanists Electric Creation

SKU :WYR 20312

Malifaux Arcanists Hoarcat Pride (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20313

Malifaux Arcanists Smoke and Mirrors (Colette Crew)

SKU :WYR 20318

Malifaux Arcanists Willie (1)

SKU :WYR 20319

Malifaux Arcanists Steam Arachnid Swarm (2)

SKU :WYR 20320

Malifaux Arcanists Fire Gamin (3)

SKU :WYR 20321

Malifaux Arcanists Troubleshooters (Ironside Crew)

SKU :WYR 20322

Malifaux Arcanists Oxfordian Mages (3 Pack)

SKU :WYR 20323

Malifaux Arcanists Mechanical Rider

SKU :WYR 20324

Malifaux Arcanists Performers & Mannequins

SKU :WYR 20325

Malifaux Arcanists Coryphee

SKU :WYR 20326

Malifaux Arcanists Arcane Effigy

SKU :WYR 20327

Malifaux Arcanists Gunsmiths

SKU :WYR 20328

Malifaux Arcanists Angelica

SKU :WYR 20329

Malifaux Arcanists Slate Ridge Mauler

SKU :WYR 20331

Malifaux Arcanists Ice Dancers (2) - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20341

Malifaux Arcanists Beacon of Knowledge (Sandeep)

SKU :WYR 20343

Malifaux Arcanists Carlos Vasquez

SKU :WYR 20346

Malifaux Arcanists Amina Naidu

SKU :WYR 20347

Malifaux Arcanists Union Steamfitters

SKU :WYR 20348

Malifaux Arcanists Kandara

SKU :WYR 20349

Malifaux Arcanists The Beast Within & Ferdinand Vogel

SKU :WYR 20350

Malifaux Arcanists Neil Henry

SKU :WYR 20352

Malifaux Arcanists Paul Crockett

SKU :WYR 20353

Malifaux Neverborn Mother of Monsters (Lilith) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20401

Malifaux Neverborn No Shelter Here (Pandora Crew) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20402

Malifaux Neverborn The Swamp Hag (Zoraida) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20403

Malifaux Neverborn Nephilim (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20404

Malifaux Neverborn Beckoners PLASTIC BOX (2) M2E

SKU :WYR 20405

Malifaux Neverborn/Ten Thunders Dark Debts (Jakob Lynch) PLASTIC BOX Set M2E

SKU :WYR 20406

Malifaux Neverborn Terror Tots (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20407

Malifaux Neverborn Hide & Seek Dreamer Crew

SKU :WYR 20408

Malifaux Neverborn Master of Puppets (Collodi Crew)

SKU :WYR 20409

Malifaux Neverborn Primordial Magic

SKU :WYR 20410

Malifaux Neverborn Teddy PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20411

Malifaux Neverborn Doppleganger PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20412

Malifaux Neverborn Waldgeist (3)

SKU :WYR 20413

Malifaux Neverborn Sorrows (3) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20414

Malifaux Neverborn/Ten Thunders Mr. Graves (1)

SKU :WYR 20416

Malifaux Neverborn/Ten Thunders Mr. Tannen (1)

SKU :WYR 20417

Malifaux Neverborn Depleted (1)

SKU :WYR 20418

Malifaux Neverborn Carver

SKU :WYR 20419

Malifaux Neverborn Nekima

SKU :WYR 20420

Malifaux Neverborn Wicked Doll

SKU :WYR 20421

Malifaux Neverborn Widow Weaver

SKU :WYR 20422

Malifaux Neverborn Mysterious Effigy

SKU :WYR 20423

Malifaux Neverborn Iggy

SKU :WYR 20425

Malifaux Neverborn Tuco

SKU :WYR 20426

Malifaux Neverborn Black Blood Shaman

SKU :WYR 20427

Malifaux Neverborn Insidious Madnesses

SKU :WYR 20428

Malifaux Neverborn Lelu & Lilitu

SKU :WYR 20429

Malifaux Neverborn Stitched Together

SKU :WYR 20430

Malifaux Neverborn Corrupted Hounds (4)

SKU :WYR 20431

Malifaux Neverborn Changelings (3)

SKU :WYR 20432

Malifaux Neverborn Bunraku (3)

SKU :WYR 20433

Malifaux Neverborn Mysterious Emissary

SKU :WYR 20434

Malifaux Neverborn The Queen's Return (Titania)

SKU :WYR 20435

Malifaux Neverborn Autumn Knight

SKU :WYR 20436

Malifaux Neverborn Bandersnatch

SKU :WYR 20437

Malifaux Neverborn Will o' Wisp

SKU :WYR 20438

Malifaux Neverborn Rougarou (2)

SKU :WYR 20439

Malifaux Neverborn Grootslang

SKU :WYR 20440

Malifaux Neverborn Cyclops

SKU :WYR 20441

Malifaux Neverborn Bultungin

SKU :WYR 20442

Malifaux Neverborn Adze

SKU :WYR 20443

Malifaux Neverborn Serena Bowman

SKU :WYR 20444

Malifaux Neverborn Hinamatsu

SKU :WYR 20445

Malifaux Outcasts Hired Swords (Viktorias) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20501

Malifaux Outcasts Hired Guns (Von Schill) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20502

Malifaux Outcasts The Plague Cometh (Hamelin Crew)

SKU :WYR 20503

Malifaux Outcasts Salvage and Logistics (Leveticus) BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20506

Malifaux Outcasts Hannah

SKU :WYR 20507

Malifaux Outcasts Desperate Mercenary (2)

SKU :WYR 20511

Malifaux Outcasts Hans PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20512

Malifaux Outcasts Johan

SKU :WYR 20513

Malifaux Outcasts Kill Joy PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20514

Malifaux Outcasts Lazarus (1)

SKU :WYR 20516

Malifaux Outcasts Vanessa (1)

SKU :WYR 20518

Malifaux Outcasts Herald of Obliteration (Tara) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20520

Malifaux Outcasts Abominations (4 Pack) - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20521

Malifaux Outcasts Sue

SKU :WYR 20527

Malifaux Outcasts Ashes and Dust

SKU :WYR 20528

Malifaux Outcasts Scion of the Void

SKU :WYR 20529

Malifaux Outcasts Big Jake

SKU :WYR 20530

Malifaux Outcasts A Fistful of Scrip - Parker

SKU :WYR 20533

Malifaux Outcasts Bandidos (3) - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20534

Malifaux Outcasts Dead Outlaws

SKU :WYR 20535

Malifaux Outcasts Talos

SKU :WYR 20537

Malifaux Outcasts Midnight Stalker

SKU :WYR 20538

Malifaux Outcasts Marlena Webster

SKU :WYR 20539

Malifaux Outcasts Freikorps Engineer

SKU :WYR 20540

Malifaux Outcasts Prospector

SKU :WYR 20541

Malifaux Outcasts Benny Wolcomb

SKU :WYR 20542

Malifaux Gremlins The Bayou Boss (Som'er) PLASTIC BOX Set

SKU :WYR 20601

Malifaux Gremlins Whiskey Golem

SKU :WYR 20603

Malifaux Gremlins War Pig - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20610

Malifaux Gremlins Burt Jebsen (1)

SKU :WYR 20612

Malifaux Gremlins Gracie (1)

SKU :WYR 20614

Malifaux Gremlins The Bushwhackers (Mah Tucket Crew)

SKU :WYR 20623

Malifaux Gremlins The Sow - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20626

Malifaux Gremlins Mechanized Porkchop

SKU :WYR 20633

Malifaux Gremlins The Sky Pirates (Zipp Crew)

SKU :WYR 20635

Malifaux Gremlins Banjonistas - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20638

Malifaux Gremlins Swine Cursed (2) - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20639

Malifaux Gremlins Gautraeuz Bokor - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20643

Malifaux Ten Thunders The Thunder (Misaki) PLASTIC BOX Set M2E

SKU :WYR 20701

Malifaux Ten Thunders Yamiziko PLASTIC BOX M2E

SKU :WYR 20703

Malifaux Ten Thunders Oiran PLASTIC BOX (3) M2E

SKU :WYR 20704

Malifaux Ten Thunders Dawn Serpent PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WYR 20705

Malifaux Ten Thunders Katanaka Sniper (2)

SKU :WYR 20709

Malifaux Ten Thunders Shadow Effigy

SKU :WYR 20710

Malifaux Ten Thunders Lone Swordsman

SKU :WYR 20713

Malifaux Ten Thunders Komainu

SKU :WYR 20714

Malifaux Ten Thunders Tengu

SKU :WYR 20715

Malifaux Ten Thunders An Oni's Wrath (Asami)

SKU :WYR 20723

Malifaux Ten Thunders Terracotta Warrior - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20725

Malifaux Ten Thunders Sun Quiang - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20726

Malifaux Ten Thunders Crime Bosses - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20729

Malifaux Ten Thunders Gwyneth Maddox

SKU :WYR 20731

Malifaux Ten Thunders Charm Warder - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 20732

Malifaux Ten Thunders Obsidian Statue

SKU :WYR 20733

Malifaux Crossroads 7 Story Encounter and Adventure Box

SKU :WYR 20904

Malifaux The Undying Encounter BOX

SKU :WYR 20907

Malifaux Backdraft Encounter BOX

SKU :WYR 20908

Malifaux Outcasts Father Time Aionus

SKU :WYR 21043

Malifaux Neverborn Alt. Nekima

SKU :WYR 21069

Malifaux Neverborn Alternative Graves and Tannen ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 21094

Malifaux Gremlins Alternative Lenny with Pig

SKU :WYR 21096

Malifaux Resurrectionists Alternative Necromancy ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 21097

Malifaux Outcasts Alternative Vanessa ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 21098

Malifaux Ten Thunders Alternative Ototo ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 21099

Through the Breach RPG The Fate Master's Almanac - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 30101

Through the Breach RPG Into the Steam - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 30104

Through the Breach RPG Under Quarantine - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 30105

Through the Breach Into the Bayou BOOK

SKU :WYR 30106

Through the Breach RPG Core Rules (2nd Edition)

SKU :WYR 30107

Through the Breach RPG Above the Law

SKU :WYR 30108

Through the Breach RPG A Night in Rottenburg - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 30203

Through the Breach RPG Penny Dreadful A Stitch in Time - LIMITED

SKU :WYR 30207

Through the Breach RPG Male Multi-Pose Figures (11)

SKU :WYR 30401

Through the Breach RPG Female Multi-Pose Figures (11)

SKU :WYR 30402

Through the Breach RPG Tarot Deck

SKU :WYR 30404

The Other Side Core Rulebook

SKU :WYR 40001

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Fate Deck (Plastic)

SKU :WYR 40005

The Other Side Kings Empire Allegiance Box - Charles Edmonton

SKU :WYR 40101

The Other Side: King's Empire Infiltrators ~ MAY

SKU :WYR 40102

The Other Side King's Empire Royal Rifle Corps ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40103

The Other Side King s Empire Empire Dragoons ~ APR

SKU :WYR 40104

The Other Side King s Empire Grenadiers ~ MAR

SKU :WYR 40105

The Other Side King's Empire Motor Scout ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40108

The Other Side Abyssinia Kassa ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40109

The Other Side King s Empire Margaret Belle ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40110

The Other Side King's Empire Sharpshooter ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40111

The Other Side King's Empire Field Intelligence Corps ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40112

The Other Side King s Empire Artillery Team ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40113

The Other Side Abyssinia Steel Legion ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40153

The Other Side Abyssinia Crow Runners ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40154

The Other Side Abyssinia Mehal Sefari ~ APR

SKU :WYR 40155

The Other Side Abyssinia Mechanized Infantry ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40157

The Other Side Abyssinia Rail Gunner ~ MAY

SKU :WYR 40159

The Other Side Abyssinia Lord of Steel ~ MAR

SKU :WYR 40160

The Other Side Abyssinia Abyssinia Engineer ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40161

The Other Side Abyssinia Marauder ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40162

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Allegiance Box - Storm Siren

SKU :WYR 40201

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Karkinoi ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40202

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Armored Whelks

SKU :WYR 40203

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Speckled Crawlers ~ MAY

SKU :WYR 40204

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Yarazi

SKU :WYR 40205

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Barbed Crawlers ~ MAY

SKU :WYR 40206

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Horomatangi ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40207

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Alpha Crawler

SKU :WYR 40208

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes The Frenzy ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40209

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Egg Clutch ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40210

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Morphling ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40211

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Striped Skulkers ~ MAR

SKU :WYR 40212

The Other Side Gibbering Hordes Devouring Eel ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40213

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Allegiance Box - Adeodatos

SKU :WYR 40251

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Stalking Portals ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40252

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man The Warped ~ MAR

SKU :WYR 40253

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man ECB Black Ops

SKU :WYR 40254

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man The Broken ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40255

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Doomseekers

SKU :WYR 40256

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Twisted Horrors ~ MAY

SKU :WYR 40257

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Gorysche

SKU :WYR 40258

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Raving Madman ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40259

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Fenton Brahms ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40260

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Breachling ~ APR

SKU :WYR 40261

The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man Immolated Rhino ~ TBA

SKU :WYR 40262

Wyrdscapes Victorian 30MM


Wyrdscapes Victorian 40MM


Wyrdscapes Sewer 30MM


Wyrdscapes Sewer 40MM


Wyrdscapes Sewer 50MM


Wyrdscapes Graveyard 30MM


Wyrdscapes Graveyard 40MM


Wyrdscapes Graveyard 50MM


Wyrdscapes Asian Ruins 30MM


Wyrdscapes Asian Ruins 40MM


Wyrdscapes Asian Ruins Shinto Gate 50MM III


Wyrdscapes Asian Ruins Abandoned Shrine 50MM II


Wyrdscapes Asian Ruins Koi Bridge 50MM I


Wyrdscape Abandoned Store


Wyrdscape Solarium


Wyrdscape Haunted Spires


Wyrdscape Makeshift Defenses


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