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Warlord Test of Honour Gallery

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Test of Honour Samurai Game

SKU :WLG 761510001

Test of Honour Ninjas of Iga BOX

SKU :WLG 762210001

Test of Honour Bandits & Brigands BOX

SKU :WLG 762210002

Test of Honour Sohei Warrior Monks of Mount Hiei BOX

SKU :WLG 762210003

Test of Honour: The Onna-bugeisha of Asakura

SKU :WLG 762210006

Test of Honour Mounted Samurai

SKU :WLG 762610001

Test of Honour Masked Men

SKU :WLG 762610002

Test of Honour Pauper Soldiers

SKU :WLG 762610003

Test of Honour Ronin

SKU :WLG 762610004

Test of Honour Dice and Cards

SKU :WLG 762610005

Test of Honour Samurai Warband

SKU :WLG 762610006

Test of Honour Chobei's Rebels PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WLG 762610007

Test of Honour Daimyo's Retinue PLASTIC BOX

SKU :WLG 762610008

Test of Honour Bandits & Brigands Swordsmen

SKU :WLG 763010002

Test of Honour Ninja Blister

SKU :WLG 763010004

Test of Honour Sohei Warrior Monk Archers BOX

SKU :WLG 763010005

Test of Honour Sohei Warrior Monks with Naginata BOX

SKU :WLG 763010008

Test of Honour: The Onna-bugeisha Archers

SKU :WLG 763010009

Test of Honour: The Onna-bugeisha with Naginata

SKU :WLG 763010010

Test of Honour Scenery Pack


Test of Honour: Dragon House MDF Kit


Test of Honour Dojo


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