Dungeon Saga coming this fall from Mantic

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Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest is a 2-5 player adventure game that pits mighty heroes against a horde of enemies that range from undead to demons!

Played on a map built from beautifully colored tiles, the game follows a series narratively linked adventures. As your character plays through these adventures you gain abilities and items that will be integral to your success as the game progresses and the enemies become harder to kill.

Alongside the beautiful miniatures and gameplay, Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest comes with highly detailed 3D terrain and furniture pieces to really raise the experience of each game to the next level.

Pre-Order your copies today, each game that is pre-ordered before the 30th of June will receive a free Legendary version of the Mortibris, the evil Necromancer set to destroy the band of heroes and then the world!

January DreadBall Releases Coming Soon

The January Releases from Mantic Games should be arriving next week.

MGE DBA01-1 Dreadball: MegaBall Veterans – All-Stars MVP Pack (4) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBA02-1 Dreadball: Mazon Corp Crowdpleasers – All-Stars MVP Pack (4) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBA03-1 Dreadball: Ultrazone Superstars – All-Stars MVP Pack (4) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBA04-1 Dreadball: Blastball Survivors – All-Stars MVP Pack (6) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBA05-1 Dreadball: Intergalactic Overlords – All-Stars MVP Pack (4) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBA06-1 Dreadball: MantiCorp Showboaters – All-Stars MVP Pack (3) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBM11-1 Dreadball: Koeputki Kolossals Team Booster (10) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBM12-1 Dreadball: Ukomo Avalanchers Team Booster (6) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBM52-1 Dreadball: Shan-Meeg Starhawks Team Booster (8) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBM53-1 Dreadball: Kalimarin Ancients Team Booster (8) ~ JAN $24.99
MGE DBM60-1 Dreadball: Galactic Tour Series – Azure Forest League ~ JAN $24.99

Deadzone now in stock

Mantic’s Deadzone has now arrived and is now shipping from the East Coast Warehouse. In Deadzone, you control an elite squad of soldiers and engage your opponents in furious fire-fights within the cramped confines of an urban battlezone.

Featuring stunningly detailed miniatures and fully modular scenery, Deadzone puts you in the center of exciting battles with variable mission objectives: capture enemy intel, assassinate the enemy leader… eliminate the opposition!

With a simple set of rules for tactical and strategic gameplay, Deadzone contains everything you need to become the commander of your own elite squad and wage war across an Urban Battlefield.