Wyrd PreOrders added

We have added the Wyrd PreOrders from December through July 2018. Images for these releases will be added as soon they are provided by the manufacturer. There may be additions and revisions as we get closer to the various release dates.

Please place your December Wyrd PreOrders shortly, so we know how many of those miniatures everyone will need.

Malifaux Second Editon Rulebook coming in September

CandyThe Malifaux Second Edition Rulebook will be coming in September. We have gotten the initial information on the first of the releases from Wyrd on Second edition as the Arsenal Boxes will also be coming in September. These and the first sets of Second Edition releases are now listed for PreOrder in the East Warehouse.

Each faction has it’s own Arsenal Box that contains all that you need to bring your crew up to the Malifaux 2nd Edition rules.