Warlord FSDU Now in Stock

The Warlord Bolt Action Display Unit is now in stock. This cardboard display unit comes stocked with Bolt Action products (full list in the description of the display) and is a great way to showcase this line in your store.

The Warlord Games Bolt Action FSDU
contains two of each the 14 bestselling
plastic boxed sets for the
award-winning Bolt Action tabletop
wargame and cover the main
protagonists of World War II. It contains $1313 MSRP value in product.

For more information, you can download the PDF sales sheet here.

Terminator from Warlord – some parts renumbered

To match the SKUs on the box, we have renumbered some of the Warlord Terminator products. The following items have been renumbered in our system:

Package SKU Old SKU
Terminator: The War Against The Machines BOX WLG RH-TG-001 WLG RH-TER-01
Terminator: War Against the Machines RULEBOOK WLG RH-TG-002 WLG RH-TER-03
Terminator: Endoskeletons BOX WLG RH-TG-003 WLG RH-TER-04
Terminator: Resistance Soldiers BOX WLG RH-TG-004 WLG RH-TER-05
Terminator: Dice Pack BOX WLG RH-TG-005 WLG RH-TER-26