Firestorm Strike Force

Firestorm Strike Force from Spartan Games is now listed for PreOrder for September release. Intuitive and readily mastered, the game is designed to be played by everyone from rookie pilots to veteran aces and everyone in between. The Firestorm: Strike Force rules are card-driven and allow for high levels of variation and expansion. If players want to play for 30 minutes and then play again later in the same evening, they can Рthe game will meet their needs. Those looking for more epic battles can put multiple Game Tiles together and play for 90 minutes or more.

More information can be found at the following links:

Spartan Games Fleet Guides Postponed

SPG_LogoSpartan Games notified us this morning that the Spartan Games Firestorm Armada Fleet Guides will not come out in January as initially announced. The text of the announcement is below:

During a planning meeting prior to printing the Firestorm Armada Fleet Guide books our development team came up with a set of extra content ideas that we felt would make these publications even more useful to gamers. We have therefore taken the decision to move the release of these books out by several weeks to allow us to generate the extra content.

Please note therefore that product codes FAFM01, FAFM02, FAFM03, FAFM04, FAFM05 and FAFM06 will NOT be released in January as previously announced. Apologies for the inconvenience this causes; we appreciate your patience while we work on these improvements and as soon as we have a revised date for release I will be in contact.

Please contact Chris Frye if you have any questions!

Firestorm Armada Storm Zone 2 Player Battle Box

The December 2013 Spartan Games releases are now listed for PreOrder including the Firestorm Armada: Storm Zone – The Battle for Valhalla 2 Player Battle BOX.

The Storm Zone: Battle for Valhalla Box Set is designed to introduce two players to the Firestorm Armada galaxy. Through a series of fun and exciting scenarios it will tell a gripping story, and talk players through the game engine. Each scenario will bring new elements to the game, allowing new players, and veterans learning the Second Edition rules, to get to grips with the mechanics in manageable chunks.

Add to this two good sized fleets of stunning new models, all the tokens, templates and dice you need to play and a full Firestorm Armada 2.0 Hardback Rulebook, and this great value box is clearly a must for all aspiring Firestorm Armada Admirals!