GenCon & Orders

Liana will be out of the office from Wednesday, August 1st and returning Monday, August 6th for GenCon. Orders will be processed while she is gone, however emails and phone calls will be returned a little slower than normal. Please be patient while she is out of the office, we will get back to you, it will just take a little more time!

August 4th Games Workshop

The August 4th Games Workshop releases are now listed. The Kill Team Dice that were originally listed for July 28th have been moved back a week and now release on August 4th.

102-03 Warhammer 40K Kill Team Tape Measure ~ AUG 4 $8.00
102-09 Warhammer 40K Kill Team Adeptus Mechanicus Dice ~ AUG 4 $12.50
102-11 Warhammer 40K Kill Team Tyranids Dice ~ AUG 4 $12.50
102-12 Warhammer 40K Kill Team Genestealer Cults Dice ~ AUG 4 $12.50
102-13 Warhammer 40K Kill Team Space Wolves Dice ~ AUG 4 $12.50
102-14 Warhammer 40K Kill Team Orks Dice ~ AUG 4 $12.50
102-15 Warhammer 40K Kill Team Astra Militarum Dice ~ AUG 4 $12.50
102-23-60 Warhammer 40K Kill Team Drop Force Imperator PLASTIC BOX ~ AUG 4 $50.00
102-24-60 Warhammer 40K Kill Team The Writhing Shadow PLASTIC BOX ~ AUG 4 $50.00
102-30-60 Killzone: Sector Munitorum PLASTIC BOX ~ AUG 4 $80.00
71-14 Easy to Build: Nighthaunt Chainrasp Hordes PLASTIC BOX ~ AUG 4 $40.00
91-22 Nighthaunts The Black Coach PLASTIC BOX ~ AUG 4 $115.00
96-40 Stormcast Eternals Aventis Firestrike Magister Of Hammerhal PLASTIC BOX ~ AUG 4 $115.00
96-43 Stormcast Eternals Sequitors PLASTIC BOX ~ AUG 4 $60.00
GAW WD08-60 White Dwarf August 2018 ~ AUG 4 $9.00

July 7th Games Workshop Releases

The July 7th Games Workshop PreOrders are now listed. Please place your orders by Monday, July 2nd at 5pm for best availability.

SKU Itemname MSRP
66-76 Nighthaunt Dice ~ JUL 7 $20.00
66-77 Stormcast Dice ~ JUL 7 $20.00
91-14 Battletome: Nighthaunt ~ JUL 7 $40.00
91-15 Warscroll Cards: Nighthaunt ~ JUL 7 $15.00
91-21 Endless Spells: Nighthaunt PLASTIC BOX ~ JUL 7 $35.00
91-23 Nighthaunt Crawlocke the Jailor and Chainghasts PLASTIC BOX ~ JUL 7 $40.00
91-25 Nighthaunt Lady Olynder PLASTIC BOX ~ JUL 7 $45.00
91-26 Nighthaunt Grimghast Reapers PLASTIC BOX ~ JUL 7 $45.00
96-01 Battletome: Stormcast Eternals ~ JUL 7 $40.00
96-05 Warscroll Cards: Stormcast Eternals ~ JUL 7 $25.00
96-37 Endless Spells: Stormcast PLASTIC BOX ~ JUL 7 $35.00
96-39 Stormcast Eternals Lord-Exorcist PLASTIC ~ JUL 7 $35.00
GAW WD07-60 White Dwarf July 2018 ~ JUL 7 $9.00

Games Workshop Code update

Per a request from Games Workshop we are updating the codes on the following items:

24-13 24-03 Carroburg Crimson (24ml) – Shade
24-14 24-12 Nuln Oil (24ml) – Shade
24-15 24-11 Agrax Earthshade (24ml) – Shade
24-16 24-04 Druchii Violet (24ml) – Shade
24-17 24-05 Drakenhof Nightshade (24ml) – Shade
24-18 24-01 Casandora Yellow (24ml) – Shade
24-19 24-07 Biel-Tan Green (24ml) – Shade
24-20 24-02 Fuegan Orange (24ml) – Shade
24-21 24-08 Athonian Camoshade (24ml) – Shade
24-22 24-06 Coelia Greenshade (24ml) – Shade
24-23 24-09 Seraphim Sepia (24ml) – Shade
24-24 24-10 Reikland Fleshshade (24ml) – Shade
57-02-60 57-20-60 Grey Knights DATACARDS

Privateer Press Special Order Service

See below the line for important information from Privateer Press via their Retailer Support page.

Using this information on what SKUs were moving to the Special Order Service, we here at e-figures, have moved these SKUs to either discontinued if we were out of stock or to LIMITED status if there was stock left in our warehouse. As we sell out of these SKUs they will be removed from our catalog.


Coming Soon: Privateer Press Special Order Service

In an effort to help make its expansive catalog of WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures more efficient for distributors and retail stores to stock, we are pleased to offer the Privateer Press Special Orders Services (SOS), a more convenient way for retailers to keep their catalogs up to date.

As of April 6, 2018, approximately 600 model SKUs have been removed from availability through standard distribution. All models removed from distribution were chosen based on their overall sales rate compared to other models with a consistently greater demand; this has been done with the intention of freeing up retailer and distributor shelf space for items with a higher sales frequency.

To ensure the availability of SKUs soon to be removed from U.S. distribution, Privateer has implemented this new retailer-direct order service through its online store, which will allow stores to continue to offer those models to their customers without the pressure of having to keep them in stock. International distribution will continue to offer the entire catalog.

The Privateer Press Special Orders Service (SOS) will be available to retailers with registered retailer accounts at the Privateer Press Online Store and will offer the standard retailer discount for SOS purchases at 35% off of the advertised MSRP, though the discount may vary on some exclusive items.

Free shipping will be available on domestic U.S. orders of $50 or more.

A retailer placing an SOS order may have the item shipped to the retail location or an address of the customer’s choosing. Shipping notifications and tracking information will be sent to the retailer’s registered email address.

Retailers ready to sign up for a Special Orders Service account follow an easy, two-step process.

Once a retailer has a verified account, the products available via the Special Order Service are then ready to order!

Shipping delays due to weather – March 21st

The weather is once again causing shipping problems at our warehouse and the region. We might get product in this morning, but we do not expect any packages to go out today. This weather also is causing delays at the regional hubs making many packages move slower to their destination. For their safety, we will be dismissing our warehouse staff early today, so orders placed today will not be packed until later as well. If you have any questions, please contact Liana.