Holiday Shipping

Our warehouse will be closed from December 24th until January 2nd for the two holidays and for inventory. Liana will be working partial hours on December 26th – 28th to answer emails, but expect phone coverage to be reduced that week.

Space Wolves Codex Misprint Issues

We just received word from Games Workshop:

There is a misprint in the English language Space Wolf Codex.

The details are in this post on Warhammer Community: –

There will also be another post going up with a link to a print ready PDF (not a black background) that retailers can print out the errata and give it to everyone that buys the Codex. The GW website will also have a link on the product page linking to the PDF.

There are no plans to reprint the Codex at this point, so if any of you wish to cancel orders for this line in light of this announcement, please let me know.