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ZVEZDA Gallery

Samurai Battles has been chosen by Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design and the attendees of Origins as the best new Historical Board Game of 2012! You can read the press release here.

ZVEZDA T-72B Tank with ERA System 1/35

SKU :ZVE 3551

ZVEZDA German 120mm Mortar with Crew 1/35

SKU :ZVE 3583

ZVEZDA Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger (Henschel Turret) 1/35

SKU :ZVE 3601

ZVEZDA GAZ-AA Soviet Light Truck 1/35

SKU :ZVE 3602

ZVEZDA GAZ M1 Soviet Staff Car 1/35

SKU :ZVE 3634

ZVEZDA Russian BMPT Terminator 1/35

SKU :ZVE 3636

ZVEZDA WWII: T-34/76 Tank 1/72

SKU :ZVE 5001

ZVEZDA WWII: Panzerkampfw.VI Tiger 1/72

SKU :ZVE 5002

ZVEZDA WWII: Ballistic Missile Launcher - Topol SS-25 "Sickle" 1/72

SKU :ZVE 5003

ZVEZDA WWII: Panzerkampfw.V Panther Ausf.D 1/72

SKU :ZVE 5010

ZVEZDA WWII: IS-2 Stalin 1/72

SKU :ZVE 5011

ZVEZDA Russian Tank T-90

SKU :ZVE 5020

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet ISU-152 Tank Destroyer 1/72

SKU :ZVE 5026

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Medium Tank T-34/76 (mod 1940) 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6101

ZVEZDA WWII: German Light Tank Pz.kpfw. II 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6102

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Infantry 1941-1943 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6103

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Machinegun Maxim With Crew 41-43 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6104

ZVEZDA WWII: German Infantry 1939-1942 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6105

ZVEZDA WWII: German Machinegun Mg-34 1939-1942 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6106

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Engineers WWII 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6108

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet 82-mm Mortar with Crew 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6109

ZVEZDA WWII: German Sturmpioniere (Engineers) 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6110

ZVEZDA WWII: German 81-mm Mortar with Crew 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6111

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Gun 45mm 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6112

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Light Tank T-26 M 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6113

ZVEZDA WWII: German Gun Pak-36 with Crew 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6114

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet 37mm Anti-aircraft Gun 61-k 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6115

ZVEZDA WWII: German Fighter Messerschmitt Bf-109 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6116

ZVEZDA WWII: German 20mm Anti-aircraft Gun Flack 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6117

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Fighter Lagg-3 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6118

ZVEZDA WWII: German Medium Tank Pz.kpfw. III G 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6119

ZVEZDA WWII: German Howitzer - LeFH-18/18 M 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6121

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet 120-mm Howitzer 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6122

ZVEZDA WWII: German Dive Bomber Ju-87 B2 Stuka 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6123

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Truck ZIS-5 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6124

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Stormovik IL-2 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6125

ZVEZDA WWII: German 3t Truck Opel Blitz 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6126

ZVEZDA WWII: German Per/Car SD.KFZ. 251/1 Ausf.B 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6127

ZVEZDA WWII: Katyusha BM-13 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6128

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Light Tank BT-5 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6129

ZVEZDA WWII: German Light Tank Pz.kpfw.38 (t) 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6130

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet HQ 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6132

ZVEZDA WWII: German HQ 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6133

ZVEZDA WWII: World War II: Barbarossa 1941 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6134

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Anti-tank Team 1941-43 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6135

ZVEZDA WWII: German Paratroops 1939-42 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6136

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Reconnaissance Team 1941-43 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6137

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Paratroops 1941-43 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6138

ZVEZDA WWII: German Transport Plane Junkers Ju-52 1/200

SKU :ZVE 6139

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Transport Plane Li-2 1942-45 1/200 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6140

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Heavy Tank KV-1 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6141

ZVEZDA WWII: German Motorcycle R-12 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6142

ZVEZDA WWII: German Medical Personnel 1941-43 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6143

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Frontier Guards 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6144

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet 76-mm Gun 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6145

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Naval Infantry 1941-43 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6146

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet 85mm Anti-aircraft Gun 52-K 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6148

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Armored Car BA-10 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6149

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet PO-2 Reconnaissance Plane and Night Bomber 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6150

ZVEZDA WWII: German Medium Tank Pz-IV AUSF.D 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6151

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Medical Personnel 1941-42 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6152

ZVEZDA WWII: German Reconnaissance Team 1939-42 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6153

ZVEZDA WWII: German Gebirgsjager 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6154

ZVEZDA WWII: German Sturmgeschutz III AUSF.B 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6155

ZVEZDA WWII: German 75-mm Infantry Gun 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6156

ZVEZDA WWII: Sd.Kfz.222 Armored Car 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6157

ZVEZDA WWII: German Heavy Anti-aircraft Flak 36/37 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6158

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet T-34/76 Medium Tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6159

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet T-34/85 Medium Tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6160

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Cavalry 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6161

ZVEZDA WWII: German Panzer III Flamethrower Tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6162

ZVEZDA WWII: Romanian Infantry 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6163

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Armored Boat 1/350 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6164

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet T-26 Flamethrower Tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6165

ZVEZDA WWII: British Infantry (1939 -1942) 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6166

ZVEZDA WWII: British Machinegun With Crew (1939-1942) 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6167

ZVEZDA WWII: British Mortar With Crew (1939 -1942) 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6168

ZVEZDA WWII: British Qf 2-pounder Anti-tank Gun With Crew 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6169

ZVEZDA WWII: British Bofors 40-mm MK-2 AQA-Gun 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6170

ZVEZDA WWII: British Tank Matilda Mk-II 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6171

ZVEZDA WWII: British Fighter Hurricane Mk. I 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6173

ZVEZDA WWII: British Truck Matador 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6175

ZVEZDA WWII: World War II: Barbarossa 1941 - Battle For Danube - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6177

ZVEZDA WWII: German Regular Infantry 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6178

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Regular Infantry 1941-42 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6179

ZVEZDA WWII: German Elite Troops 1939-43 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6180

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Militia 1941 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6181

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Su-152 Self-Propelled Howitzer 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6182

ZVEZDA WWII: Henschel HS 126B-1 Reconnaissance Plane 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6184

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet SB-2 High-Speed Bomber 1/200

SKU :ZVE 6185

ZVEZDA WWII: Junkers Ju-88 Bomber 1/200

SKU :ZVE 6186

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Air Force Ground Crew 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6187

ZVEZDA WWII: German Luftwaffe Ground Crew 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6188

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet KV-1 with F-32 Gun 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6190

ZVEZDA WWII: British Tank "Matilda" Mk. I 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6191

ZVEZDA WWII: World War II: Blitzkrieg 1940 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6192

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Snipers 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6193

ZVEZDA WWII: German Snipers 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6194

ZVEZDA WWII: German Sd.Kfz.184 Tank Destroyer Ferdinand 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6195

ZVEZDA WWII: Pz. V Ausf. A Panther German Tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6196

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Infantry - Winter Uniform 1941-42 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6197

ZVEZDA WWII: German Infantry - Winter Uniform 1941-45 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6198

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Skiers 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6199

ZVEZDA WWII: IS-2 Joseph Stalin-2 Soviet Heavy Tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6201

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet KV-2 tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6202

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Tank T-35 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6203

ZVEZDA WWII: Sd.Kfz.182 Kingtiger Henschel 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6204

ZVEZDA WWII: Sturmtiger Heavy Assault Gun 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6205

ZVEZDA WWII: Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger Heavy Tank Destroyer 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6206

ZVEZDA WWII: Self-propelled Gun ISU-152 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6207

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet 82-MM Mortar with Crew - Winter Uniform 1941-43 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6208

ZVEZDA WWII: German 80-MM Mortar with Crew - Winter Uniform 1941-45 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6209

ZVEZDA WWII: German Machine Gun with Crew - Winter Uniform 1941-45 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6210

ZVEZDA WWII: Self-Propelled Gun SU-100 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6211

ZVEZDA WWII: Battle For Moscow 1941

SKU :ZVE 6215

ZVEZDA WWII: British Howitzer (25-pound) 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6217

ZVEZDA WWII: Light Bomber - Battle 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6218

ZVEZDA WWII: British Engineers 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6219

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Machinegun with Crew - Winter Uniform 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6220

ZVEZDA WWII: Tank Combat Historical Wargame - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6222

ZVEZDA WWII: British Recon Team 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6226

ZVEZDA WWII: British Tank Crusader IV 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6227

ZVEZDA WWII: British Medic Team 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6228

ZVEZDA WWII: British Armored Scout Car "Dingo" Mk1 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6229

ZVEZDA WWII: British Bomber Bristol Blenheim IV 1/200

SKU :ZVE 6230

ZVEZDA WWII: Panzer IV Long Gun 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6251

ZVEZDA WWII: Soviet Gun WWII 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6253

ZVEZDA WWII: I-16 Soviet Fighter 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6254

ZVEZDA WWII: La 5 Soviet Fighter 1/144

SKU :ZVE 6255

ZVEZDA WWII: Tiger I 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6256

ZVEZDA WWII: Pak - 40 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6257

ZVEZDA WWII: T-60 Soviet Light Tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6258

ZVEZDA WWII: World War II: Stalingrad 1942-1943 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6260

ZVEZDA WWII: Sherman M-4 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6263

ZVEZDA WWII: M-3 Lee 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6264

ZVEZDA WWII: Stuart US-Tank 1/100

SKU :ZVE 6265

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Ashigaru-yari 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6401

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Ashigaru with Arquebus 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6402

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Samurai-naginata 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6403

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Samurai Archers 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6404

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Ninja 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6406

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Samurai Commanders 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6411

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Ashigaru-archers 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 6414

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Peasants with Ammo Supply 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6415

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Mounted Samurai Archers 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6416

ZVEZDA Samurai Battles: Ninja Attack EXPANSION

SKU :ZVE 6420

ZVEZDA The Ships: Sir Francis Drake's Flagship HMS Revenge

SKU :ZVE 6500

ZVEZDA The Ships: Flagship of the Armada Invincible San Martin

SKU :ZVE 6502

ZVEZDA The Ships: Armada Invencible

SKU :ZVE 6505

ZVEZDA The Ships: Golden Hind

SKU :ZVE 6509

ZVEZDA The Ships: Santa Maria

SKU :ZVE 6510

ZVEZDA The Ships: Black Swan 1/350

SKU :ZVE 6514

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: French Line Infantry 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6802

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: Russian Line Infantry 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6808

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: Russian Foot Artillery 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6809

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: French Foot Artillery 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6810

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: Russian Dragoons 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6811

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: French Dragoons 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6812

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: Russian Inf.Comm.Group 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6815

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: French Inf.Comm.Group 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6816

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: Russ. Drag. Comm. Group 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6817

ZVEZDA HISTORIC: French Drag.Comm.Group 1/72

SKU :ZVE 6818

ZVEZDA Ilyushin IL-62 M Civilian Airliner 1/144

SKU :ZVE 7013

ZVEZDA Civil Airliner Airbus A-321 1/144

SKU :ZVE 7017

ZVEZDA: Lavochkin La-5FN Soviet Fighter WWII 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7203

ZVEZDA: Mig-3 Fighter Soviet Night Interceptor 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7204

ZVEZDA SU-25 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7227

ZVEZDA: Petlyakov PE-8 Soviet Long-Range Heavy Bomber WWII 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7264

ZVEZDA Junkers JU-88G6 Night Fighter 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7269

ZVEZDA ANT-5 Soviet Fighter 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7271

ZVEZDA: Junkers Ju-88 A4 German Bomber 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7282

ZVEZDA: Junkers Ju-88 A-17/A-5 German Bomber 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7284

ZVEZDA: IL-2 Tank Hunter Soviet Stormovik 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7286

ZVEZDA: TB-7 Soviet Bomber 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7291

ZVEZDA: Yak-3 Soviet Fighter 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7301

ZVEZDA: Messerschmitt BF-109F2 German Fighter 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7302

ZVEZDA Hot War: Soviet T-72 1/100

SKU :ZVE 7400

ZVEZDA Hot War: Soviet BTR-80 1/100

SKU :ZVE 7401

ZVEZDA Hot War: Mi-24V Soviet Attack Helicopter 1/144

SKU :ZVE 7403

ZVEZDA Hot War: Soviet Infantry 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 7404

ZVEZDA Hot War: American Abrams M1 A1 1/100

SKU :ZVE 7405

ZVEZDA Hot War: M2A2 Bradley U.S. Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1/100

SKU :ZVE 7406

ZVEZDA Hot War: American Infantry 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 7407

ZVEZDA Hot War: AH-64 Apache U.S. Attack Helicopter 1/144 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 7408

ZVEZDA Hot War: Battle for Oil

SKU :ZVE 7410

ZVEZDA Hot War: Soviet Machine Gun - Utes 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 7411

ZVEZDA Hot War: Soviet PZRK - Igla 9K38 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 7412

ZVEZDA Hot War: Soviet Saxhorn Anti-Tank Team 1/72

SKU :ZVE 7413

ZVEZDA Hot War: American Machine Gun - Browning 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 7414

ZVEZDA Hot War: American - Dragon 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 7415

ZVEZDA Hot War: American PZRK - Stinger 1/72 - SPECIAL SALE

SKU :ZVE 7416

ZVEZDA Hot War: Soviet Ural Truck 1/100

SKU :ZVE 7417

ZVEZDA Hot War: Soviet Anti Aircraft Weapon System "SHILKA" 1/100

SKU :ZVE 7419

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