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Dust Tactics: Campaign Expansion - Operation SeeLowe
Home   : :   Dust Tactics: Campaign Expansion - Operation SeeLowe
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Product: Campaign Expansion - Operation SeeLowe
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Manufacturer Fantasy Flight Games
Barcode 9781616611200
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Campaign Expansion - Operation SeeLowe

Dust Tactics: Campaign Expansion - Operation Cyclone

The Allies are desperate; they face catastrophic losses across the coast of Great Britain. With the situation so dire, they have no choice but to split their focus, sending Her Majesty’s fleet to face the Axis Kriegsmarine in the Channel, and leaving the naval base at Scapa Flow defenseless...or so it seems.

Operation “SeeLöwe” offers players eight new exciting scenarios that aren’t restricted by a fixed number of army points. New tiles introduce buildings into the game, offering players new tactical decisions in an urban environment. New rules and new super strong and inhuman heroes further immerse you into this stimulating expedition. Also included in Operation “SeeLöwe” is the untold history of the Axis and one of the cornerstones of their forces: the Blutkreuz Korps. Uncover truths known only to a select Axis few.

Adding this to your collection will introduce a new level of strategy to your Dust Tactics gaming experiences, Operation “SeeLöwe” assures that the battlefield will never be the same.


  • 23 Page Campign Rulebook with New Rules
  • 8 New Scenarios
  • Introduces eight new units to the game like the Axis Gorillas and Axis Zombies
  • Introduces two new Heroes to the game
  • Six Terrain Tiles
  • 2 Ammo Crates
  • 2 Anti-Tank Traps
  • Hero Model: OZZ 117 and Data Card
  • Hero Model: MARKUS and Data Card
  • Model Size: 28mm or 1 1/2 inches
  • Base: Size 30mm or 1 1/2 inches
  • Models are OD Green and German Gray
  • Package: Sealed Box

Top Secret Origins

Also included in Operation “SeeLöwe” is the never-before-read history of the Axis and one of the cornerstones of their forces: the Blutkreuz Korps. Discover how and why this secret organization was born, and what motivates their sinister quest for absolute power. Uncover truths known only to a select Axis few, such as the conspiracy surrounding Hitler’s death.

Allied Hero OZZ 117

While Ozz 117’s real name is unknown, he is one of the most active agents for the Allied forces. Equipped with the new Heavy Ranger armor, he is dangerously strong on the battlefield. Combining his Rocket Punch skill with his new Heroic Attack ability could change the course of battle in an instant. Also possessing the Jump skill, Ozz 117 is ready to handle the new building terrain. Ozz 117 believes the future of warfare will be based on his new armor; test him out and see if you agree.

Axis Hero Markus

Desperate to create a herculean subject that could withstand space travel, Axis scientists created Markus, the first successful specimen of their genetic experiments. With Markus’ amazing potential and an unachieved space program, The Blutkreuz Korps redirected Markus into combat. As a “war gorilla,” he is both capable of annihilating the enemy with his inhuman strength or his steel combat weapons and panzer gloves. Highly intelligent, this genetically-altered ape can use the new Charge and Blutkreuz Ape skills against his opponents.

About the Game

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

New expansion boxes for Dust Tactics will take your game to the next level! Featuring new tactical options for your Allied and Axis armies, these primed, unpainted miniatures will expand and enhance your existing forces.


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