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Infinity PreOrders

Overall Order Page
Gallery Order Page

To make things easier for our retailers and more uniform across the market, we are bringing certain lines in line with top distributors. To facilitate this, we have renumbered the Infinity SKUs to begin with CVB instead of INF.

UPDATE: 2017-01-18 Infinity Prices updated to US Dollar MSRPs from the manufacturer.

01 PRE CVB1 Infinity 28mm: PreOrder (1) - BOOK SpecialOrder $0 Log in to see cost
01 PRE CVB2 Infinity 28mm: PreOrder (1) - BLISTER SpecialOrder $0 Log in to see cost
01 PRE CVB3 Infinity 28mm: PreOrder (1) - BOX SpecialOrder $0 Log in to see cost
01 PRE CVB4 Infinity 28mm: PreOrder (1) - Terrain and Tokens SpecialOrder $0 Log in to see cost
CVB 280016-0662 Infinity ALEPH Steel Phalanx 300 Pt Pack (10) BOX ~ JUN 23 43 $95.99 Log in to see cost
CVB 280188-0648 Infinity Ariadna: Caledonian Highlander Army - Ariadna Sectorial STARTER Pack (6) BOX ~ JUN 23 33 $47.99 Log in to see cost
CVB 280189-0650 Infinity Ariadna: 6th Airborne Ranger Reg. - Molotok (1) ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $12.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280291-0647 Infinity PanOceania: Bagh-Mari Unit - HMG (1) ~ JUN 23 42 $13.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280293-0663 Infinity PanOceania: Teutonic Knights - Spitfire/Combi Rifle (2) ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $20.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280392-0649 Infinity Yu Jing: Zhanying Imperial Agents - Hacker (1) ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $12.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280395-0660 Infinity Yu Jing: Ninjas - MULTI Sniper/Hacker (2) ~ JUN 23 43 $20.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280488-0636 Infinity Haqqislam: Hassassin Ayyar - Viral Pistols (1) ~ JUN 23 26 $15.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280586-0651 Infinity Nomads: Riot Grrls (4) BOX ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $42.99 Log in to see cost
CVB 280587-0661 Infinity Nomads: Zeros - Combi Rifle/Hacker (2) ~ JUN 23 46 $20.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280682-0653 Infinity Combined Army: Rodok, Armed Imposition Detachment - Missile Launcher (1) ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $15.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280726-0673 Infinity Mercenaries: Outrage Characters Pack (6) BOX ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $47.99 Log in to see cost
CVB 280853-0643 Infinity ALEPH: Danavas Hacker & Karkata Remote Ancillary Unit (2) ~ JUN 23 37 $20.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280855-0638 Infinity ALEPH: Ekdromoi - HMG/Combi Rifle (2) ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $20.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 280931-0652 Infinity Tohaa: Sukeul Commandos - Missile Launcher (1) ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $12.49 Log in to see cost
CVB 285264 Infinity Patch: Onyx Contact Force Patch ~ JUL 21 PreOrder $5.99 Log in to see cost

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