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HORDES: Primal Hardcover

SKU :PIP 1068

Forces of HORDES: Trollbloods Command softcover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1090

Forces of HORDES: Trollbloods Command hardcover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1091

Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros Command softcover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1092

Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros Command hardcover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1093

Forces of HORDES: Legion of Everblight Command softcover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1094

Forces of HORDES: Legion of Everblight Command hardcover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1095

Forces of HORDES: Skorne Command soft cover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1096

Forces of HORDES: Skorne Command hard cover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1097

Forces of HORDES: Grymkin The Wicked Harvest softcover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1098

Forces of HORDES: Grymkin The Wicked Harvest hardcover RULEBOOK

SKU :PIP 1099

HORDES Two-Player Battlebox

SKU :PIP 70002

Hordes Trollbloods: Warlock Haorluk Doomshaper

SKU :PIP 71002

Hordes Trollbloods: Fell Caller

SKU :PIP 71019

Hordes Trollbloods: Warlock Grim Angus

SKU :PIP 71020

Hordes Trollbloods: Warlock Borka Kegslayer & Pyg Keg Carrier (2 Models)

SKU :PIP 71021

Hordes Trollbloods: Stone Scribe Chronicler Solo

SKU :PIP 71029

Hordes Trollbloods: Kriel Warrior Standard Bearer/piper

SKU :PIP 71031

Hordes Trollbloods: Epic Warlock Madrak Ironhide

SKU :PIP 71033

Hordes Trollbloods: Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia

SKU :PIP 71034

Hordes Trollbloods: Warlock Calandra Truthsayer

SKU :PIP 71035

Hordes Trollbloods: Mulg the Ancient Dire Troll Unique Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 71036

Hordes Trollbloods: Slag Troll Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 71037

Hordes Trollbloods: Horthol, Long Rider Champion BOX

SKU :PIP 71038

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Hero Solo

SKU :PIP 71039

Hordes Trollbloods: Troll Whelps

SKU :PIP 71040

Hordes Trollbloods: Stone Scribe Elder

SKU :PIP 71041

Hordes Trollbloods: Fennblades PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71042

Hordes Trollbloods: Captain Gunnbjorn

SKU :PIP 71045

Hordes Trollbloods: Swamp Troll Light Warbeast PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71047

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Scouts BOX

SKU :PIP 71048

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Slugger Unit (5) BOX

SKU :PIP 71049

Hordes Trollbloods: Skaldi Bonehammer

SKU :PIP 71050

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Runebearer

SKU :PIP 71051

Hordes Trollbloods: Fennblade Office & Drummer BOX

SKU :PIP 71052

Hordes Trollbloods: Janissa Stonetide Solo

SKU :PIP 71053

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Skinner solo

SKU :PIP 71054

Hordes Trollbloods: Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain (variant)

SKU :PIP 71056

Hordes Trollbloods: Blitzer/Bomber/Mauler Dire Troll PLASTIC Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 71058

Hordes Trollbloods: Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood

SKU :PIP 71059

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Warlock Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels

SKU :PIP 71060

Hordes Trollbloods: Storm Troll PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 71061

Hordes Trollbloods: Sons of Bragg Trollkin Fell Caller Character Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 71063

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Scattergunner Officer & Standard

SKU :PIP 71064

Hordes Trollbloods: War Wagon Cavalry Battle Engine

SKU :PIP 71065

Hordes Trollbloods: Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller Trollkin Warlock (resculpt)

SKU :PIP 71066

Hordes Trollbloods: Pyre Troll PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 71067

Hordes Trollbloods: Mountain King Gargantuan (resin & white metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 71068

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Champions PLASTIC Unit BOX (5)

SKU :PIP 71069

Hordes Trollbloods: Hunters Grim Epic Warlock Unit (3)

SKU :PIP 71070

Hordes Trollbloods: Troll Axer PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 71071

Hordes Trollbloods: Troll Bouncer Light Warbeast PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71072

Hordes Trollbloods: Troll Impaler Light Warbeast PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71073

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Warders PLASTIC Unit (5) BOX

SKU :PIP 71074

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Sorcerer Solo

SKU :PIP 71076

Hordes Trollbloods: Fennblade Kithkar Trollkin Solo

SKU :PIP 71077

Hordes Trollbloods: Night Troll PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 71078

Hordes Trollbloods: Kriel Warriors Trollkin PLASTIC Unit BOX w/ 3 Weapon Attachments (13)

SKU :PIP 71079

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Long Riders Cavalry Unit (5) BOX

SKU :PIP 71080

Hordes Trollbloods: Pyg Burrowers Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 71081

Hordes Trollbloods: Pyg Bushwhackers Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 71082

Hordes Trollbloods: Horgle Ironstrike Trollkin Character Solo

SKU :PIP 71083

Hordes Trollbloods: Scattergunners Trollkin PLASTIC Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 71084

Hordes Trollbloods: Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws Epic Cavalry Warlock (resin & metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 71085

Hordes Trollbloods: Dozer & Smigg Character Heavy Warbeast BOX (resin & metal)

SKU :PIP 71086

Hordes Trollbloods: Braylen Wanderheart, Trollkin Outlaw Character Solo

SKU :PIP 71087

Hordes Trollbloods: Northkin Fire Eaters Unit (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71088

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Runeshapers Trollkin Unit (3) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71089

Hordes Trollbloods: Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet Epic Trollkin Warlock Unit (2) BOX (resin & white metal)

SKU :PIP 71090

Hordes Trollbloods: Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes Trollkin Unit (6) (resin & metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 71091

Hordes Trollbloods: Dhunian Knot Trollkin Unit (3)

SKU :PIP 71092

Hordes Trollbloods: Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar Unit Attachment (2)

SKU :PIP 71093

Hordes Trollbloods: Glacier King Gargantuan BOX (resin & white metal)

SKU :PIP 71094

Hordes Trollbloods: Trollkin Highwaymen PLASTIC Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 71096

Hordes Trollbloods: Extreme Dire Troll Mauler Heavy Warbeast (resin & white metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 71098

Hordes Trollbloods: Battlegroup Starter PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71099

Hordes Trollbloods: Earthborn Dire Troll Heavy Warbeast PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71100

Hordes Trollbloods: Rök Character Heavy Warbeast (resin & white metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 71102

Hordes Trollbloods: Northkin Shaman Trollkin Solo (resin/metal)

SKU :PIP 71103

Hordes Trollbloods: Thumper/Pummler Weapon Crew PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 71104

Hordes Trollbloods: Madrak, Great Chieftan Warlock (metal/resin)

SKU :PIP 71105

Hordes Trollbloods: Sea King Gargantuan Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 71106

Hordes Trollbloods: Horgle the Anvil Warlock (resin/metal)

SKU :PIP 71107

Hordes Trollbloods: Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears Unit (resin/metal) BOX ~ NOV 8

SKU :PIP 71109

Hordes Trollbloods: Northkin Raiders Unit Attachment (resin/metal) BOX ~ NOV 22

SKU :PIP 71110

Hordes Trollbloods: Pyg Lookouts Unit (6) (resin/metal) BOX ~ JAN 26

SKU :PIP 71111

Hordes Trollbloods: Troll Basher Light Warbeast (resin/metal) ~ JAN 12

SKU :PIP 71113

Hordes Trollbloods: Ice Troll Light Warbeast (resin/metal) ~ JAN 19

SKU :PIP 71114

Hordes Trollbloods: Northkin Elder Command Attachment (resin) ~ NOV 8

SKU :PIP 71115

Hordes Trollbloods: Valka Curseborn Solo (resin/metal) ~ NOV 22

SKU :PIP 71116

Hordes Trollbloods: Kolgrima Stonetruth, Winter Witch Warlock (resin/metal) ~ NOV 8

SKU :PIP 71117

Hordes Trollbloods: Dire Troll Brawler Heavy Warbeast (resin) ~ DEC 13

SKU :PIP 71118

Hordes Trollbloods: Northkin Theme BOX ~ NOV 8

SKU :PIP 71119

Hordes Trollbloods: Winter Troll Light Warbeast (resculpt) (resin/metal) ~ JAN 26

SKU :PIP 71120

Hordes Circle Orboros: Warlock Krueger The Stormwrath

SKU :PIP 72003

Hordes Circle Orboros: Woldwatcher Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 72005

Hordes Circle Orboros: Woldwarden Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72007

Hordes Circle Orboros: Druids of Orboros (6) Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 72015

Hordes Circle Orboros: Shifting Stones (3)

SKU :PIP 72016

Hordes Circle Orboros: Lord of the Feast

SKU :PIP 72018

Hordes Circle Orboros: Warlock Morvahna the Autumnblad

SKU :PIP 72019

Hordes Circle Orboros: Warlock Kromac the Ravenous (2 Models)

SKU :PIP 72020

Hordes Circle Orboros: Woldwyrd Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 72023

Hordes Circle Orboros: Blackclad Wayfarer Solo

SKU :PIP 72028

Hordes Circle Orboros: Sentry Stone & Mannikins

SKU :PIP 72029

Hordes Circle Orboros: Wolves Master Hunter/totem Bearer

SKU :PIP 72030

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Ravager Shaman Unit Attack

SKU :PIP 72031

Hordes Circle Orboros: Epic Warlock Kaya The Moonhunter BOX

SKU :PIP 72032

Hordes Circle Orboros: Epic Warlock Krueger the Stormlord

SKU :PIP 72033

Hordes Circle Orboros: Warlock Moshar the Desertwalker

SKU :PIP 72034

Hordes Circle Orboros: Wolf Lord Morraig BOX

SKU :PIP 72037

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Ravager White Mane

SKU :PIP 72038

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Bloodweaver Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 72039

Hordes Circle Orboros: War Wolf Solo

SKU :PIP 72040

Hordes Circle Orboros: Stoneward & Woldstalkers BOX

SKU :PIP 72041

Hordes Circle Orboros: Druids of Orboros Overseer

SKU :PIP 72042

Hordes Circle Orboros: Cassius the Oathkeeper & Wurmwood BOX

SKU :PIP 72043

Hordes Circle Orboros: Wold Guardian

SKU :PIP 72045

Hordes Circle Orboros: Reeves of Orboros Chieftain & Standard

SKU :PIP 72047

Hordes Circle Orboros: Nuala the Huntress

SKU :PIP 72048

Hordes Circle Orboros: Druid Wilder

SKU :PIP 72049

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Ravager Chieftain

SKU :PIP 72050

Hordes Circle Orboros: Stone Keeper

SKU :PIP 72051

Hordes Circle Orboros: Reeve Hunter Solo

SKU :PIP 72052

Hordes Circle Orboros: Kaya the Wildborne (variant)

SKU :PIP 72054

Hordes Circle Orboros: Feral/Pureblood/Stalker Warpwolf PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 72057

Hordes Circle Orboros: Grayle the Farstrider

SKU :PIP 72058

Hordes Circle Orboros: Warlock Baldur the Stonesoul

SKU :PIP 72059

Hordes Circle Orboros: Winter Argus PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72060

Hordes Circle Orboros: Scarsfell Griffon PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72061

Hordes Circle Orboros: Gallows Grove Solos

SKU :PIP 72063

Hordes Circle Orboros: Celestial Fulcrum Battle Engine

SKU :PIP 72064

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Ravagers PLASTIC Unit (6) BOX

SKU :PIP 72066

Hordes Circle Orboros: Woldwrath Gargantuan (resin & white metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 72067

Hordes Circle Orboros: Argus PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72068

Hordes Circle Orboros: Morvahna the Dawnshadow Light Cavalry Epic Warlock BOX

SKU :PIP 72069

Hordes Circle Orboros: Warpborn Skinwalkers PLASTIC Unit (5) BOX

SKU :PIP 72070

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Bloodtrackers Unit (repackage) BOX

SKU :PIP 72071

Hordes Circle Orboros: Rotterhorn Griffon PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72072

Hordes Circle Orboros: Razorwing Griffon Light PLASTIC Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72073

Hordes Circle Orboros: Argus Moonhound PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72074

Hordes Circle Orboros: Warpborn Alpha Unit Attachment

SKU :PIP 72075

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Blood Pack Circle PLASTIC Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 72076

Hordes Circle Orboros: Gnarlhorn/Rip Horn/Shadowhorn Satyr PLASTIC Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72077

Hordes Circle Orboros: Gorax Light PLASTIC Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 72078

Hordes Circle Orboros: Brennos the Elderhorn Satyr Character Heavy Warbeast (resin & metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 72079

Hordes Circle Orboros: Una the Falconer Character Solo

SKU :PIP 72080

Hordes Circle Orboros: Reeves/Wolves of Orboros Unit (10) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 72082

Hordes Circle Orboros: The Death Wolves Character Unit (3)

SKU :PIP 72083

Hordes Circle Orboros: Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver Warlock (resin & metal)

SKU :PIP 72085

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Wolf Riders Light Cavalry Unit (5) BOX

SKU :PIP 72086

Hordes Circle Orboros: Kromac, Champion of the Wurm Epic Tharn Warlock BOX (resin & white metal)

SKU :PIP 72087

Hordes Circle Orboros: Bloodweaver Night Witch Solo

SKU :PIP 72088

Hordes Circle Orboros: Storm Raptor Gargantuan PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 72089

Hordes Circle Orboros: Druid Mist Riders Unit PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 72090

Hordes Circle Orboros: Baldur the Stonecleaver Warlock

SKU :PIP 72091

Hordes Circle Orboros: Extreme Feral Warpwolf

SKU :PIP 72093

Hordes Circle Orboros: Battlegroup Starter PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 72094

Hordes Circle Orboros: Ghetorix Warpwolf Heavy Warbeast (resin/metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 72095

Hordes Circle Orboros: Tharn Wolf Rider Champion Solo (metal/resin)

SKU :PIP 72096

Hordes Circle Orboros: Megalith Heavy Warbeast (metal/resin resculpt)

SKU :PIP 72097

Hordes Circle Orboros: Blackclad Stoneshaper Solo

SKU :PIP 72098

Hordes Circle Orboros: Loki Orboros Warbeast (resin/metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 72099

Hordes Circle Orboros: Una the Skyhunter Warlock

SKU :PIP 72101

Hordes Circle Orboros: Kaya the Wildheart Warlock (resin/metal)

SKU :PIP 72102

Hordes Circle Orboros: Wold Wight Light Warbeast (resin) ~ DEC 13

SKU :PIP 72103

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Warlock Vayl Disciple of Everblight

SKU :PIP 73003

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Harrier Light Warbeasts (2)

SKU :PIP 73005

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Teraph Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 73006

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Forsaken

SKU :PIP 73018

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Angelius Heavy Alpha Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 73021

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Raek Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 73023

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Shepherd Solo

SKU :PIP 73028

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Scather Weapon Crew

SKU :PIP 73029

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blight Archer & Ammo Porter

SKU :PIP 73030

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Incubi Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 73031

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Epic Warlock Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight

SKU :PIP 73032

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Epic Warlock Thagrosh the Messiah BOX

SKU :PIP 73033

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Warlock Absylonia, the Terror of Everblight

SKU :PIP 73034

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Typhon Character Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 73035

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Nyss Sorceress & Hellion

SKU :PIP 73037

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Warmonger Cardinal

SKU :PIP 73038

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Strider Deathstaker Solo

SKU :PIP 73039

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Strider Officer & Musician

SKU :PIP 73040

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Warspears PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 73041

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blighted Swordsmen Abbot & Champion Unit Attachment

SKU :PIP 73043

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Bethayne, Voice of Everblight & Belphegore

SKU :PIP 73044

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blighted Nyss Hex Hunter Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 73049

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Bayal, Hound of Everblight Hex Hunter Unit Attachment

SKU :PIP 73050

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Stinger

SKU :PIP 73051

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blackfrost Shard

SKU :PIP 73052

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Spell Martyrs

SKU :PIP 73053

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Annyssa Ryvaal

SKU :PIP 73054

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (variant)

SKU :PIP 73055

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Carnivean/Ravagore/Scythean PLASTIC Heavy Dragonspawn BOX

SKU :PIP 73057

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Kallus, Wrath of Everblight

SKU :PIP 73058

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Warlock Vayl, Consul of Everblight

SKU :PIP 73059

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Succubus Solo

SKU :PIP 73060

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Naga Nightlurker Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 73061

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Captain Farilor & Standard Blighted Nyss Legionnaire Character Unit Attachment

SKU :PIP 73063

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Throne of Everblight Battle Engine (resin & metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 73064

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight Blighted Ogrun Warlock (resin & white metal)

SKU :PIP 73066

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Archangel Gargantuan (resin & white metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 73068

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blighted Ogrun Warmonger Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 73069

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight Epic Blighted Nyss Cavalry Warlock BOX

SKU :PIP 73070

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blighted Nyss Raptors Cavalry Unit (repackage) BOX

SKU :PIP 73071

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Nephilim Bolt Thrower PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 73072

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Nephilim Protector PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 73073

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Beast Mistress Blighted Nyss Solo

SKU :PIP 73074

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Afflictor Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 73075

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Warspear Chieftain Blighted Ogrun Unit Attachment

SKU :PIP 73076

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blighted Nyss Legionnaires Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 73077

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blight Wasps Warbeast Pack (4)

SKU :PIP 73078

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Zuriel Character Nephilim Heavy Warbeast (resin & metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 73079

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight Epic Blighted Nyss Warlock

SKU :PIP 73080

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Neraph/Seraph Heavy Warbeast PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 73081

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Strider Blightblades/Rangers Blighted Nyss PLASTIC Unit BOX (6)

SKU :PIP 73082

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Fyanna the Lash Character Solo

SKU :PIP 73083

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Saeryn & Rhyas, Talons of Everblight Epic Blighted Nyss Warlock Unit (2)

SKU :PIP 73084

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Spawning Vessel Blighted Nyss Unit (7) BOX

SKU :PIP 73085

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blighted Nyss Archers/Swordsmen PLASTIC Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 73086

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blightbringer Gargantuan (resin & metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 73088

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Nephilim Bloodseer Light Warbeast PLASTIC

SKU :PIP 73089

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Grotesque Raiders/Grotesque Banshees Blighted Nyss Unit (10) PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 73090

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Grotesque Assassin Solo

SKU :PIP 73091

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Nephilim Soldier PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 73093

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Extreme Carnivean Heavy Warbeast BOX (resin & white metal)

SKU :PIP 73095

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Battlegroup Starter PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 73096

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Proteus Character Heavy Warbeast BOX (resin & white metal)

SKU :PIP 73097

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Hellmouth Unit (resin) BOX

SKU :PIP 73099

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Ice Witches Unit (3) (resin/metal) ~ DEC 13

SKU :PIP 73100

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Shredders Lesser Warbeasts PLASTIC (4)

SKU :PIP 73101

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Azrael Nephilim Heavy Warbeast (resin/metal)

SKU :PIP 73102

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Blighted Nyss Warlord Solo

SKU :PIP 73103

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Kallus, Devastation of Everblight Warlock (resin/metal)

SKU :PIP 73105

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Fyanna, Torment of Everblight Strider Warlock

SKU :PIP 73106

Hordes Legion of Everblight: Craelix, Fang of Everblight Solo

SKU :PIP 73107

Hordes Skorne: Warlock Archdomina Makeda

SKU :PIP 74002

Hordes Skorne: Basilisk Drake Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 74005

Hordes Skorne: Basilisk Krea Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 74006

Hordes Skorne: Ancestral Guardian

SKU :PIP 74019

Hordes Skorne: Warlock Tyrant Xerxis

SKU :PIP 74020

Hordes Skorne: Warlock Supreme Aptimus Zaal & Kovaas (2 Models)

SKU :PIP 74021

Hordes Skorne: Titan Bronzeback Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 74022

Hordes Skorne: Rhinodon Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 74023

Hordes Skorne: Agonizer Solo (1 Model)

SKU :PIP 74029

Hordes Skorne: Venator Catapult Crew

SKU :PIP 74030

Hordes Skorne: Praetorian Swordsmen Officer & Sword Bearer

SKU :PIP 74031

Hordes Skorne: Epic Warlock Lord Assassin Morghoul

SKU :PIP 74034

Hordes Skorne: Epic Warlock Supreme Archdomina Makeda

SKU :PIP 74035

Hordes Skorne: Warlock Void Seer Mordikaar

SKU :PIP 74036

Hordes Skorne: Molik Karn Character Cyclops Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 74037

Hordes Skorne: Cyclops Seer Light Warbeast

SKU :PIP 74038

Hordes Skorne: Tyrant Rhadeim Character Dragoon BOX

SKU :PIP 74039

Hordes Skorne: Extoller Soulward Solo

SKU :PIP 74040

Hordes Skorne: Bloodrunner Master Tormentor

SKU :PIP 74041

Hordes Skorne: Bloodrunner Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 74042

Hordes Skorne: Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer

SKU :PIP 74043

Hordes Skorne: Void Spirit Solo

SKU :PIP 74044

Hordes Skorne: Dominar Rasheth Warlock

SKU :PIP 74045

Hordes Skorne: Razor Worm

SKU :PIP 74047

Hordes Skorne: Nihilators BOX

SKU :PIP 74048

Hordes Skorne: Venator Reiver Officer & Standard Unit Attachment

SKU :PIP 74049

Hordes Skorne: Hakaar the Destroyer

SKU :PIP 74050

Hordes Skorne: Aptimus Marketh

SKU :PIP 74051

Hordes Skorne: Venator Flayer Cannon Crew (3 Models)

SKU :PIP 74052

Hordes Skorne: Tyrant Vorkesh Cataphract Cetrati

SKU :PIP 74053

Hordes Skorne: Paingiver Task Master

SKU :PIP 74054

Hordes Skorne: Master Tormentor Morghoul (variant)

SKU :PIP 74055

Hordes Skorne: Cannoneer/Gladiator/Sentry Titan PLASTIC Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 74057

Hordes Skorne: Master Ascetic Naaresh

SKU :PIP 74058

Hordes Skorne: Warlock Lord Arbiter Hexeris

SKU :PIP 74059

Hordes Skorne: Cyclops Raider PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 74060

Hordes Skorne: Archidon Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 74062

Hordes Skorne: Venator Slingers Unit BOX

SKU :PIP 74063

Hordes Skorne: Siege Animantarax Battle Engine (resin & metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 74064

Hordes Skorne: Mammoth Gargantuan (resin & white metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 74066

Hordes Skorne: Cyclops Brute PLASTIC Light Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 74067

Hordes Skorne: Cyclops Savage Light Warbeast PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 74068

Hordes Skorne: Cataphract Cetrati PLASTIC Unit (6) BOX

SKU :PIP 74069

Hordes Skorne: Cataphract Arcuarii PLASTIC Unit (6) BOX

SKU :PIP 74070

Hordes Skorne: Makeda & The Exalted Court Epic Warlock Unit (3)

SKU :PIP 74071

Hordes Skorne: Immortals Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 74072

Hordes Skorne: Mortitheurge Willbreaker Solo

SKU :PIP 74073

Hordes Skorne: Cataphract Incindiarii PLASTIC Unit (6) BOX

SKU :PIP 74074

Hordes Skorne: Reptile Hounds Lesser Warbeasts (2)

SKU :PIP 74075

Hordes Skorne: Despoiler Character Heavy Warbeast (resin & white metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 74076

Hordes Skorne: Praetorian Keltarii/Swordsmen PLASTIC Unit BOX (10)

SKU :PIP 74078

Hordes Skorne: Praetorian Karax PLASTIC Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 74079

Hordes Skorne: Praetorian Ferox Cavalry Unit (5) BOX

SKU :PIP 74080

Hordes Skorne: Tyrant Zaadesh Character Solo

SKU :PIP 74081

Hordes Skorne: Xerxis, Fury of Halaak Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warlock BOX (resin & white metal)

SKU :PIP 74082

Hordes Aradus Sentinel/Soldier PLASTIC Heavy Warbeast BOX

SKU :PIP 74083

Hordes Skorne: Scarab Pack Warbeast Pack (4)

SKU :PIP 74084

Hordes Skorne: Paingiver Beast Handlers Unit (6) BOX

SKU :PIP 74085

Hordes Skorne: Desert Hydra Gargantuan PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 74086

Hordes Skorne: Venator Reivers Unit (10) BOX

SKU :PIP 74087

Hordes Skorne: Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate Epic Warlock (resin & white metal)

SKU :PIP 74088

Hordes Skorne: Legends of Halaak Praetorian Character Unit

SKU :PIP 74089

Hordes Skorne: Extoller Advocate Unit Atachment

SKU :PIP 74090

Hordes Skorne: Lord Tyrant Hexeris Warlock (resculpt) ~ FEB 9

SKU :PIP 74091

Hordes Skorne: Extreme Titan Gladiator Heavy Warbeast (resin & white metal) BOX

SKU :PIP 74093

Hordes Skorne: Battlegroup Starter PLASTIC BOX

SKU :PIP 74095

Hordes Skorne: Praetorian Karax Commander & Standard Command Attachment (metal/resin)

SKU :PIP 74096

Hordes Skorne: Tiberion Titan Heavy Warbeast (metal/resin resculpt) BOX

SKU :PIP 74097

Hordes Skorne: Lord Tyrant Zaadesh Warlock

SKU :PIP 74099

Hordes Skorne: Venator Dakar Solo

SKU :PIP 74100

Hordes Skorne: Chiron Heavy Warbeast (resin)

SKU :PIP 74103

Hordes Skorne: Dominar Morghoul & Escorts Warlock Unit

SKU :PIP 74104

Hordes Skorne: Primus Jalaam Venator Warlock ~ DEC 13

SKU :PIP 74105

Hordes Minions: Totem Hunter

SKU :PIP 75001

Hordes Minions: Farrow Brigands

SKU :PIP 75003

Hordes Minions: Swamp Gobber Fog Bellows Crew

SKU :PIP 75004

Hordes Minions: Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter

SKU :PIP 75005

Hordes Minions: Feralgeist

SKU :PIP 75010

Hordes Minions: Gudrun The Wanderer

SKU :PIP 75011

Hordes Minions: Professor Viktor Pendrake

SKU :PIP 75014

Hordes Minions: Saxon Orrick

SKU :PIP 75015

Hordes Minions: Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath BOX

SKU :PIP 75016

Hordes Minions: Rorsh & Brine BOX

SKU :PIP 75017