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e-figures Freight and Shipping Information

Shipping Information

It's an odd thing about shipping, everyone has their expectations and thoughts on how and who should pay for it. Some companies have set a dollar value that allows Retailers or customers to receive their products with no shipping or freight fees. The concept of having to buy more to save a few dollars never really set well with us. It doesn't make much sense to have you spend hundred and fifty more dollars on stock you may or may not need to save $7.95 in shipping.

As you read below you will see our solution is a simple one. ONE flat rate charge for all ground orders within the Contiguous United States. Yes that's right boys and girls, all orders, big or small, will ship for $7.95 to any commercial address within the Contiguous United States.  Hawaii and Alaska orders will incur separate fees due to shipping restrictions. Below you will find details on our other shipping policies and such. Please call if you have any questions regarding shipping your packages.


Additional details below

• UPS Delivery Map showing how long your order will take to arrive once its been shipped.
• Freight Forwarders for International Orders
• Leaving Shipping Instructions on your Order
• International Orders


Shipping and Packing

United States (Contiguous)
e-figures.com has a flat rate shipping charge of $7.95 per order to any location within the Contiguous United States. This means that no matter the order size or amount of items ordered your order will ship for $7.95. We ship all orders UPS Ground by default. The chart below will provide you with an estimate delivery time.

We have created a new service section that will allow you to add a product to your order that provides us with further details on how you would like your order shipped. See our Shipping Services page for further details.


Shipping times from our New York Warehouse

All orders no matter the physical size or dollar value will ship for $7.95 to any state within the Contiguous United States. Orders over $500 will be shipped 3-day air as long as they do not contain extremely heavy items or contain aerosols (aerosol paints are legally mandated to ship ground).

Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico Orders fall under our International shipping program

Express Shipping  
We cannot accept orders for Next-Day, 2nd-Day, 3-Day Air or any other express shipping methods after 12:00 am EST. Express Shipping orders can only ship UPS or USPS. We have a special shipping license through these companies for shipping and therefore can not ship DHL, Airborne Express, etc.

International Orders
The transit time for international shipments varies based on the point of export and the destination country or region. Brokerage, Duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser or recipient.

Clients have the option of using USPS to have their orders shipped outside the United States or to have their order shipped to a US-based freight forwarder. Clients in South America must use a freight forwarder. We will not use USPS when shipping to South America.

Clients who have their orders shipped to a US based Freight Forwarder will only be charged the standard order fee of $7.95.

A special note to our International Clients
Although we have the freight charges list on the website. They are there only as an estimated freight guide. International orders will be charged according to the true cost of the packages after they are packaged and put on the scales not by the prices listed on the website. The actual shipping charges will be added to your credit card after your order is processed.

Aerosol Sprays

Postal regulations prohibit shipping Aerosol Sprays, Accelerants, and Solvent based products outside the continental United States. Furthermore these items cannot be shipped by USPS or Priority Mail as well as other air services such as UPS Overnight, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS 3 Day Air or USPS Air services. Any order containing these items will be shipped via UPS ground.

Paints, Inks and other Adhesives must all be shipped via UPS ground.

UPDATE 05-02-2011: International Retailers Shipping is not billed till after the order has been packed and weighed. To ensure that your billing is accurate we have added a new option called International True ship in the check out area. Selecting this option will allow the system to generate you an invoice without a estimated shipping total. This will allow you to pay for your product as normal. Once your order has been packed and weighed your preferred payment type will be billed for the true shipping total. When you are billed you will receive an new invoice with the shipping details.

As always you can put in your notes if you wish your orders to ship USPS or UPS.

Standard Shipping Policy

e-figures.com Wholesale Distribution supports Retailers, Manufacturers and other Distributors world-wide. Please read the exceptions below.

Product Access

If you’re a Retailer outside our service area and you need assistance obtaining this product line please contact us. We will work with you to find a supplier to meet your needs.

Questions regarding the contents of a package can submitted directly through e-figures.com Distribution. If were unable to answer a question or provide a solution to a problem we will contact the Manufacturer directly for you.

e-figures.com Wholesale Miniatures Distribution only services Retailers, to include Hobby Stores, Game Stores, Vendors and Manufacturers.

Players or other end users should contact their Local Retailer for support. Players who are unsure where their local game store is or cannot get the product from their local game store should call us for assistance. Once we know your location we will find a Retailer in your City, State or Country to meet your needs.

Global Rules and Exceptions

Aerosol Sprays: 
US Law and Postal regulations prohibit shipping Aerosol Sprays, Accelerants, and Solvent based products outside the continental United States.Any International Order containing the above items will have those products removed before shipping. Furthermore these items cannot be shipped by USPS or Priority Mail as well as other air services such as UPS Overnight, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS 3 Day Air or USPS Air services. Any domestic order containing these items will be shipped via UPS ground. Paints, Inks and other Adhesives must all be shipped via UPS ground.

Games-Workshop International Retailers:
 e-figures.com Distribution will not ship Games-Workshop products outside the United States without written approval from Games-Workshop USA. We have an agreement with this Manufacturer and will not entertain any customer request to violate that agreement.

Privateer Press: 
e-figures.com Distribution will not ship this line to UK/EUR without approval from the Manufacturer directly. We have an agreement with this Manufacturer and will not entertain any customer request to violate that agreement.

e-figures.com knows it's important to not only sell products but to provide tools and resources to our retailers to help them move the product. For this reason all available products are viewable by guest and as well as registered retailers. Because of this feature our system is not set up to restrict particular product lines from being added to a cart. We want you to know that if you do accidentally add an item to your cart that is restricted it will be removed from your order before it is shipped. (This may cause a delay in your order) Customers who attempt to manipulate the process will have their account suspended.

Updated 2016-09-02

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