Spartan Games Annoucement

Today, August 25, Spartan Games announced that they were closing their company. No further orders are shipping from their company.

All PreOrders and reserve orders have been cancelled as that stock will not be coming to our warehouse. The products have been removed from our website as well. Contact Chris Frye if you have any questions.

Updates to the Knight Models Batman Game

The Batman Miniature Game is celebrating its 5th Anniversary, so it is a good moment to reboot it and launch a BMG 2nd Edition Rulebook.

This reboot introduces a new line of products in high quality plastic resin that will be coloured by factions giving gamers the possibility of playing straight-out-of-the-box. This plastic resin is of great quality and will allow Knight Models to present miniatures with a great detail and a lower price. Please, take note that all of their miniatures – both, plastic resin and white metal – will continue to be produced at their premises in Spain. These BMG reboot will also come with a brand new packaging.

Regarding the rulebook, Knight Models will make a less complex version that will be available to download at their website. The 2nd edition rulebook will not outdate their other books: The Flash and the Arrow Expansion and the Campaign book, nor the stat cards.

With this reboot, the white metal BMG miniatures will gradually be transferred to the Legends division where they can be acquired by collectors. First references that will go to the Legends Dept. are mainly the oldest ones, which are also the least sold. The miniatures that are in stock have been marked as ‘- LIMITED MOVING TO LEGENDS’ while we have them in stock here at e-Figures. After they are gone from our stock, your customers will have to get them directly from Knight Models.

We do not currently have the PreOrder and pricing information for the updated rulebook. As soon as we get that information, we will put it in the system.

Firestorm Strike Force

Firestorm Strike Force from Spartan Games is now listed for PreOrder for September release. Intuitive and readily mastered, the game is designed to be played by everyone from rookie pilots to veteran aces and everyone in between. The Firestorm: Strike Force rules are card-driven and allow for high levels of variation and expansion. If players want to play for 30 minutes and then play again later in the same evening, they can – the game will meet their needs. Those looking for more epic battles can put multiple Game Tiles together and play for 90 minutes or more.

More information can be found at the following links:

Freeblades Summer Releases

Check out the newest models for Freeblades, DGS Games’ 32mm fantasy skirmish game.

The Freeblades June release is the Faeler Swordsman. He is a follower who can serve in the Falkaaran, Haradelan and both Bandit factions. His rules are in the Freeblades Rules Companion, so you can check him out and see where he fits in your plans and how many you need. Note that he comes with three shields: Falkaaran, Haradelan and Thormenalan. Now, while he will be available in the Thormenalan faction as well, we do not make that faction yet. But that does give you a shield with which to differentiate your Bandit swordsmen. And however you make each one, you get two more shields as bits for conversions and bases.

The Freeblades August release is the Bard of the Arlian. This model comes with the pieces to be constructed in one of two versions: The Bard of the Arlian, a faction model for either Bandit Faction, Black Rose or Black Thorn or the Wandering Bard, an ally hero for all other factions except Traazorites. The Bard brings the Perform skill into the game system.

Finally, check out our new accessory offerings including these cool Treasure Markers and Trial Stones, for use in various Freeblades scenarios.  New magic templates have also been released this summer:  Multi-Magic, plus newly designed Fire and Ice Magic.  These new generation no-peel templates come ready to use right out of the package.

If you do not know about Freeblades, check it out at  Freeblades is a low model count, quick to learn and play fantasy skirmish game drawing on beautiful models and a deep and rich background.  Come get into the game!