Freeblades March Releases

Check out the newest models for Freeblades, DGS Games’ 32mm fantasy skirmish game.

Want to jump into Freeblades with the hot new thing?  Try a Traazorite Crusaders Starter Box.  This box contains one Keshark, the freeband’s leader mounted on a fast and dangerous Velozar; its caster, the Sunbringer; a Packmaster and his two trained dinosaurs, the Vezarin; and the Legionnaire, the most dangerous common soldier on two continents. This is a ready-made 150 gold freeband, jut put it together and you are ready to play.

More excitement from the southern continent: the Traazorite Ravager, Daklos Ravager and Eclipse Nightwhisper.  Ravagers hunt down the enemies of the Empire, sometimes on foot and sometimes in the skies riding the sleek and agile Daklos.  The most dangerous enemies they hunt are the sisters of the Eclipse.  Trouble is, Nightwhispers hunt back!  If you do not know about Freeblades, check it out at  Freeblades is a low model count, quick to learn and play fantasy skirmish game drawing on beautiful models and a deep and rich background.  The Traazorite Crusaders starter box and these new models will be available March 27, 2017.

Infinity now priced with MSRP based in USD

Corvus Belli has now sent pricing of their line to all US Distributors in US Dollars to achieve MSRP parity across the country instead of everyone doing their own conversion from the Euro. We have adjusted the Infinity line to reflect this new pricing structure. Contact us if you have questions or would like a spreadsheet to help adjust your POS system.